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Whether you want to renovate a room on a shoestring budget or treat yourself to that 'once in a life time flooring'.


There are a range of various styles of flooring available to help you gain that modern flawless design or the traditional  look that you require.

We fit can supply or just fit all types of wooden flooring, solid wood, engineered board and laminates.

Solid wood – delivers a more traditional natural timber look but it should be noted to expect a higher degree of movement/expansion with the changes of seasons.

Engineered board – a lacquered top layer of real wood veneer, based on a cross-banded multi layer timber base for strength and durability.

Laminate – a man made product constructed to mimic the look of a wooden floor, it can also be found in tile or stone variations.

Working closely with our suppliers MM Carpentry Ltd can supply and install your specified choice of flooring. If not supply? then how about our installation only service? its all dependant upon your specific requirements and budget.  The first step, we would always suggest looking around so you get a feel for what style or look of flooring you are trying to achieve, unfortunately we cant help you with that one as it would always be a clients choice to choose the aesthetics and ambience required for the location it is to be laid.  Next? book an appointment and see what we can offer.  Upon appointment the client can discuss the style and timber choice of the floor and at this time a sample of the flooring product can be ordered so that the client can agree the prospective flooring choice to be laid.  Finally, an estimate can then be tendered and terms agreed.

Can I have underfloor heating?
The answer to that question would be yes, although there are only certain types of flooring products that are suitable to be laid over an underfloor heating system. We would recommend the use of certain engineered flooring products. These can be used with electric under floor heating systems. The flooring would be laid as a floating floor (not fixed to the sub floor) over the under floor heating.

We would always suggest however, that if you are in doubt as to which covering would be best suited for your needs then always contact the manufacturer of the product chosen or contact us for more assistance.

For more information, arrange an appointment or to have any questions answered please do not hesitate to contact us.